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The 127th Regular meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club

posted Aug 4, 2015, 6:20 AM by Tm Metropolitanian   [ updated Aug 4, 2015, 6:38 AM ]
We had a 127th meeting on July 25th at the Kojimachi Kumin-Kan with 22 club members and 4 guests. In addition, we had a special guest from JETM, our sister club in Soul.

TMOM was conducted by TM Watxx.

He introduced a very beautiful passage from an old Japanese novel the pillow book (枕草子) and we could feel cool summer night. Of course he organized the meeting very well.

TM Matxx showed the word of the day, “go against with well prepared sentences as example.

TM Itxx conducted “Good & New”.

Randomly assigned 4 club members talked about good news within 24 hours in this session. Time was not enough for all club members to speak out, but it was a great opportunity to warm up our facial muscles.

TM Takxx presented “News of the Week”. Usually, it is presented recent News in social, but he presented News for us, Tokyo metropolitan TMC member in this time. It is because, one of club member temporarily came back to Japan from Morocco and we welcomed a guest from JETM. He introduced how to become a Japanese language teacher, where is the places to work for them, etc.  It was very interested topics for all of us.

In the“Prepared Speech session”, 4 speakers had wonderful speeches.

1st: TM Miyxx took the speaker to introduce AC manual, advanced TM educational program. The title was “Myaba net”. Her speech was incredibly funny and high-quality. 

2nd: TM Karxx talked about “Let’s enjoy a small trip on weekdays” She gave us new insight how to spent a time after work.

3rd: TM Misaki of JETM took the speaker “ 韓国10年目”.  She introduced Korean culture from her 10 years life in Korea, such as lovers, delivery culture (even top of the mountain, restaurant stuff bring food to customer!) and so on. Back her 10 years, she concluded the secret hints to live in overseas for long time was enjoying the cultural differences positively.

4th: TM Fujxx introduced “Toastmaster Roadmap”.  It was very informative to understand complicated toastmaster educational program.

During”Intermission, members and guests enjoyed Snack master TM Moxx-san’s sweets from Albania.

Table Topics” session was conducted by TM Asxx. She asked wedding ceremony speeches to 3TMs and 1 guest as boss, ex-boyfriend, friends and manstress. Their answers gave us funny, but well organized.

Evaluation Session was performed by TM Isoxx as a General Evaluator.

Evaluators and General Evaluator evaluated the speeches and the meeting with fruitful advices.

We welcomed a new member into our club with induction ceremony.

Next few months, we’ll have a lot of events. Evaluation WS, Club contests, and joint meeting with JETM.

=======Awards of the meeting=======

 *Best Speaker: TM. Karxx

 *Best Evaluator: TM.Mitxx

 *Best Table Topics: TM.Tomxx

 (written by Yasxx.)