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Tokyo Metropolitan TMC Meeting #174

posted Apr 25, 2017, 4:15 PM by Tm Metropolitanian   [ updated Apr 25, 2017, 4:21 PM ]

TMOM : TK-san

Word of the day : RY-san ‘Intriguing’, 「興味をそそる」

News of the Week : HA-san, Automatic Register in convenience store, and security about personal information, etc.


Well-prepared before starting by TMOM TK-san, despite of sudden some vacancy.

Some discussion and explanation has been done about Word of the day ‘ Intriguing’, and motivated.

Prepared Speech

Speaker1: HS-san

Title : Bridge are better than walls

Social problem about black people in China, and insistence for generosity and friendship.

Speaker2: KM-san

Title : Stand by

Warm story about his family, especially granddaughter and important point to take care somebody.


Title : 高尾山の見どころ



Title : のぼっておいで


Table Topics

Table Topic Master : KM-san

Contents : Diversity

Evaluate Session

General Evaluator : TT


Despite of sudden some vacancy, TM TK-san organized to assign quickly with calm and cool attitude, our meeting was prepared enough. Members also fulfilled with double role positively. Especially Word of the day ‘ intriguing’ was focused by some members with some questions and explanation.

Each evaluator gave accurate advices in the situation that 4 speakers were so splendid. It was very desirable. To indicate remedy was more important.

Others, Comments

The report of Japan- Korea Joint meeting was introduced by MF-san. Of course it was completed successfully. Some short trip or activity were included also in this Korea tour, and it seems solid very well. Next Joint Meeting will be hold in Japan in fall or next spring.