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Tokyo Metropolitan TMC Meeting #172

posted Apr 10, 2017, 5:46 AM by Tm Metropolitanian
Our 172nd Meeting was held on March 25, 2017 at Kojimachi-Kuminkan. Today it was a
small sized meeting with only 11 members and 1 guest speaker attended.
Today’s TMOM was TM SM.

Today’s Word of the day was announced by TM SW as “blooming” in English and
“sakihokoru” or “saku” in Japanese. The word selection was perfectly fit for the current
season when cherry is about to bloom.

As the “News of the Week”, TM TA talked about “Pathways” which is the new Toastmasters
educational program to be released this fall. He was surprised and even shocked when he
studied details of this new program. Current programs like CC, CL, AC etc. will end in 2
years. Current programs have 2 main coursed, i.e. CC and CL while under the Pathways it
adopts self-paced learning system with 10 different courses. Online seminar about
Pathways will be held tomorrow on March 26.

There were 3 prepared speeches. Unlike our usual regular meetings, all of the 3 speeches
were performed in Japanese even though today’s meeting was an English meeting.

First speech was made by TM SN with the title “Kaoru-san”. As a visual aid, he chose to
bring 3 stuffed animals, Rilakkuma series of 2 bears and 1 yellow chick. The question of
who is Kaoru-san was not clearly unveiled in the speech.

2 nd speech was made by TM MU. Her speech was story telling of Japanese old story “Tako
no ito”. We sat in a circle and listened to her story telling. This approach was new and
different from the usual, thus fun.

3 rd speech was delivered by a guest speaker TM YS with the title “Party unei 3tsu no point –
2017 version”. Based on his experiences, he talked about how to operate a party from 3
main points; venue, time management and risk management.

To prepare for the Division E speech contest scheduled next week, contest speech was
delivered by TM SM with the title “Hitotsu janai”. Then, after the intermission, analysis of
the contest speech session was held. We were separated into 2 groups and discussed the
speech. After the discussion, 2 members from each groups made short presentations about
what was discussed within the groups.

Evaluation session was led by General Evaluator TM KM. Today’s evaluators for the
prepared speeches were TM NS, TM NH and TM HH.

The Awards were given to the following members;

TM NS and TM HH for the Best Evaluators
and TM SN for the Best Speaker,

No award for the Best Table Topics due to no Table Topics session today
There was a sad news announced by TM NS that she would withdraw from our club for
personal reasons as of today.

March 26, 2017, written by TM HH