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The 141st Regular meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club

posted Feb 10, 2016, 8:51 PM by Tm Metropolitanian   [ updated Feb 10, 2016, 9:04 PM ]

Our 141th Meeting was held on January 23th at the Koji-machi Kumin-kan.

Today we welcomed a special guest, Tamura san who was placed in the 2nd in the semi-final 10 of the Toastmasters International Convention in 2015, and we also welcomed more than 7 guests today.


Following a Call to Order by TM YY, today’s TMOM MF opened the meeting.

  Today, every speaker and role taker was given an opportunity to ask one question of Tamura san which TMOM MF asked us to prepare in advanced. 


  TM TM set the Word of the Day: “Leap”, exemplifying how to use this word. He also referred that this year is “leap year”. ”Leap” was used several times by members throughout the meeting.

  TM HM moderated “Good & New” session and woke us up.


As News of this week, TM SM shared the news that International sanction over Iran was lifted and she showed her expectation of Japanese support for Iran based on historical relationships between two countries.


The first prepared speaker was TM NM His icebreaker speech was dramatic and we can identity his background in his life and his truthful desire. The second prepared speaker was TM NS who delivered her speech about her life with rich expression as if she were an actress. The third speaker was TM SN whose speech was introduction to going to the theater. 


The meeting was re-started with Evaluation Session that was chaired by TM MT, followed by 3 evaluators: TM WS, TM AI and TM KT.

After the Evaluation Session, we had today’s Special Session by Tamura san. Tamura san had prepared for us the best practical workshop.

He shared his tips of refining speech by comparing today’s speaker’s original scripts and his rewritten ones. We were astonished to see those scripts changing into more dramatic and attracting ones with admiration. Here are some of tips(please refer to the video for details)

*”Conflict” is essential requirement for storytelling.

*Keep each sentence short and arrange sentences rhythmical.

*Read audience’s expectation and take control of their expectation.

*Use high impact key phrase many times in the speech.

*Keep important number at the end of the sentence to highlight it.

*Take an effective pause after delivering high impact phrase.


As to dialogue

*Give a name to Guru (key person) and do not mention the name of unimportant person to  

 avoid audience’s confusion.

*Insert dialogue part to highlight important episode.

*After the dialogue part, mention how speaker felt through the dialogue.

  e.g. I was feeling like … / Yes, that is it

We appreciated Tamura san for his creative and very practical session.

After the special session TM MT give a detailed feedback over today’s meeting and also notified us about importance of putting name card for guest and cooperation with preparation for meeting.

Awards were presented by TMOM to Today’s Best Speaker: TM. NS Best Evaluator: TM KT.

After that, we expressed our gratitude to special guest Tamura san.


Written by Y.K. Feb. 5th 2016