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The 134th Regular meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club

posted Oct 31, 2015, 7:05 AM by Tm Metropolitanian   [ updated Aug 13, 2016, 7:36 PM ]

We had a 134th meeting on Oct 24th at the Kojimachi Kumin-Kan with 20 club members and 9 guests. (Many guests!! This is a happy surprise.)

TMOM was conducted by TM Okaxx. Though it was the first time for him to assume TMOM role, he prepared very well and facilitated the meeting very smoothly. Time management was also great.

TM Marxx showed the word of the day, “progress,” a great word!
TM Honxx conducted “Good & New”. She gave guests a chance to speak up during "Good & New".
TM Matxx presented timely “News of the Week” about kurds. His "News of the Week" was so well prepared, educational and informative so that we learned a lot about the turkish kurds.

In the“Prepared Speech session”, 5 speakers had wonderful speeches. 

1st: TM Moxx gave us a very informative speech with the title of "My memory of an old veterinarian." After the speech, we bacame smarter than before :)
2nd: TM Takxx talked about  「嘘つきを見抜け」 with a great peformance and a lot of humor. 
3rd: TM Nagxx talked about "Insomnia". He shoed greaet tips how to sleep well, which is valuable information for the audience.
4th: TM Satxx's CC 10 memorial speech, “幕末の歴史と坂本龍馬". The story started with her love for Ryoma and ended with citation of our club mission statement "Authentic, diverse and connected."
5th: TM Negxx gave us a heart touching speech "Overcome." Her speech closed with an impressive pharase "Difficulty is there because you can overcome it."

During ”Intermission”, members and guests enjoyed chatting with sweets from Spain and France.

“Table Topics” session was conducted by TM Tasuxx. She asked timely questions about autumn. 

“Evaluation Session” was performed by TM Mitxx as a General Evaluator, a natural born entertainer.
Evaluators and General Evaluator evaluated the speeches and the meeting with fruitful advices. As TM Mitxx mentioned, laugh is one of the most important parts for the speech.

In the guest comments, some guests mentioned they want to enter our club!! They will visit us again to declare to enter the club formaly.

Going forward, we’ll have big events such as Halloween meeting with Idabashi TMC on 10/31 and Korea-Japan Area joint meeting on 11/14.

=======Awards of the meeting=======
 *Best Speaker: TM. Nagxx
 *Best Evaluator: TM. Yamxx
 *Best Table Topics: TM. Sekxx

Oct. 29th 2015 M.F, write.