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Meeting #166: Christmas Special!

posted Jan 7, 2017, 9:13 PM by Tm Metropolitanian

Number of attendees : 26 people
Number of guests : 6 guests

Toastmaster of the Morning (TMOM)  TM Saixxx

Her has lots of to be TMOM, We don't any care of for her TMOMs.
She made a theme today's meeting "Grazie and amore." It's a Itarian.

Good & New TM Huxxx

Some speakers told their good thing stories in 24hours.

Word of the Morning  TM Sakxx

The word was "Authentic"

News of the week TM Matxx

 - Most Japanese think Prime minister of Japan Abe and Russian's President Putin might talk about Nothren territory
   of Japan in Tokyo this week. They announce that our countries will have good relationship in the future.The Japan 
   goverment will pay 300 billion yen for Russia.  The territory hasn't been returned to Japan.

Prepared Speeches

 - [Speaker #1]
   CC# 1 The Ice Breaker: 4-6 min. in Japanese
   Title: "ただいま絶好調、しかし・・・"   Speaker TM Togxxx
  He had changed his job two years before. He began new job, but he made a mistake in his new work. He used
   to quit his job, because he failed his job. But he is working very well now. He changed saw a bright side and he 
   accept his present situation and he will have confidence by yourself in the future. 

 - [Speaker #2]
CC#8 Visial aids Time: 5-7min. タイトル:"Future timeline" Speaker TM Karxxx A her friend live with her parent. The friend have to help the parents for living. She was starting to think same situation by yourself. Japanese working age is decreceing now and a nursing helper is shortage in Japan now. We need lots of helpers in the future. Japanese government ask the helper another country, but it doen't go well. - [Speaker #3] CC# 9 Persuade with power : 5-7 min. Title: "Return from Himaraya mountain" Speaker TM Matxx She didn't go Narita airport, but she went Narita shrine near the airport. She was a trainee monk for four days in the shrine. She didn't use smart phone and can drink 2 liter of water in a day. Her partner get sick at the time. She have to help her, and she could finished the training and learned something from it. - [Speaker #4]
AC#1 Entertaining speech in Japanese: 5-7min. タイトル:「時短料理のすすめ」 Speaker TM Yasxx She spend to prepare her weekday dishes for five hours in every weekends. She thought it was waste of time. If she doesn't cook it she will save some time. She could have dinner with her boyfriend at good restaurant. She got some parepared food in a super market near her home. She can save some time and will start in the new life. - [Speaker #5]
AC#2 Resources for informing: 5-7min. Title: Against age Speaker TM Takxxx He wants lose weight, because most people won't lose it after 30 years old. He started to go to deiet by exsise. He changed his cloth and show us the workout a front of us. He told us I do it every day. This workout is very short time and it's easy. A doctor recommend it for getting in shape. Table Topics TM Nagxxx The questions were "Santa Claus", "If you have the Santa Claus project what would do you do the project for children?", etc. 4 speakers made a good table speeches. Evaluation Session (GE: TM Itoxx) TM Itoxx as a General Evaluator was great. Evaluators and General Evaluator evaluated the speeches and the meeting with fruitful advices.

General Evaluation  TM Itxx

He talked about three topics.

1.TMOM had a great preparetion.
2.Today's Table topic was authentic. 
3.The organizer prepared a great Christmas dacoration in this meeting.

Award winners

 - Table Topics : Ookxx
 - Evaluation : Miyxx
 - Prepared Speech : Karxx

Induction ceremony

 - Anxx was admitted to membership in Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club.

We could successfully hold the meeting #166 with everyone's cooperation.

This minutes was written by Saxx