The 6th Korea Japan Toastmasters Joint Meeting (2015.03.21)

posted Apr 12, 2015, 3:03 AM by Tm Metropolitanian   [ updated Oct 19, 2015, 12:49 PM ]
We had a Korea and Japan joint meeting on Marth 21th at the Kojimachi. Tokyo metropoliatan
toastmasters club hold the meeting this time. We alternaely hold the meeting sixth time in Korea and Japan. 
This time meeting is special. JETM, Tokyo Metro TMC, Omotesando TMC and Pioneer TMC are that
 organized joint meeting this time. 64 people joined the meeting.

TMOD was conducted by TM Koxx and TM Suxx. Today's meeting theme is color. All of speakers told us their colors.

TM Mixx Warm up activity. A contest that how many high fives.

We took a video and some pictures by TM Waxx and TM Taxx

In the "Prepared Speech session in Japanese" 4 speakers had wonderful speeches.

1st TM Hoxx from Tokyo Metro. She addressed first time in this time. Many things have happened since she was born.
2nd TM kexx from JETM. He finished CC#3. He loved to ride on bike around Korea. He introduce with us his tours.
3nd TM Shxx from Omote sando He finished CC#10 She loved speech better than money.
4th TM Naxx from Pionner  He finished CC#8 His wallet how was transfered from Italy to Japan.

In the "Preparee Speech session in English" 4 speakers had wonderful speeches.

5th TM Taxx from Shinjuku. He finished CC#9 He injured when he played soccer. how to recover do that.
6th TM kyxx from JETM. She finished CC#3 She grow up in three countries. She've had good experiences since she was born.
7th TM Shxx from Omotesando. She finished CC#5 She left electrical commute pass. Lots of thing had happened in 80 minutes.
8th TM Akxx from Pioneer. She finished CC#8 She finished CC#8 Most Korean and Japanese didn't take paid holiday and They hesitate to ask to take the holiday
                to thier boss.

“Table Topic Session” was performed by TM Hoxx and TM Lexx 
Theme is "It's a season of encounter."
 1.Three guys addressed. What do you think "Maching service" on the website.
2. Can you tell us your attraction,when you meet a person.
3. You met a person when you felt disappointed. What did you do with the person while
you met her or him.  

“Evaluation Session” was performed by TM Maxx as a General Evaluator.

Evaluators and General Evaluator evaluated all of speeches and the meeting with fruitful advices.

=======Awards of the meeting=======
Best Speaker of in Japanese TM kexx.
Best Speaker of in English TM Akxx.
Best Speaker of Table Topics TM Taxx.
Best Evaculator of in Japanese TM Kixx.
Best Evaculator of in English TM Taxx.
Special award of president TM Taxx.