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The 109th Regular meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club

posted Dec 3, 2014, 6:33 AM by Tm Metropolitanian   [ updated Dec 3, 2014, 6:52 AM ]
We had the third anniversary of club charter memorial meeting at Fujimi-kuminkan with all of 30 members include guest. 
The meeting was proceeded by using English and Japanese today.
Two guys of TMOM were TM Miya. and TM.Wata. They had great chair of meeting.

TM T.K. showed the word of the day. "Make advance". In Japanese is "進歩する”

Next "Good and New": All of members speak briefly in English or in Japanese.  Our website was not updated the place last Friday.

"News of the Week":  Yen is weak by TM W.

In the main session "Prepared Speeches", 3 speakers gave us great stories, both in Japanese and English.
First speech was performed by TM Kino-. The title was "AKB よりAHEがおもしろい” from Urawa sun flower TMC.
Second speech was provided by TM Ki-. The title was "サンは魔法の言葉”.
Third speech was presented by TM Taka-. The title was "Progressing Club".
We hold special session looking back the 3 years of TMTMC by TMOM
We watch many pictures of the meeting from beginning of this club.

"Table Topics" held "look forward". by TM Ya-.

The first question was "What's next project?". TM Ka-. and TM Mi-. addressed.
Next, "How to develop for daily life?" We shared TM Fu-. and TM Um-. addressed.

We invited a great guest from Tokyo Sunrise TMC. He is TM Drian Von Golden.
He hold a special workshop. "Don't like "I love you"." We showed some kind of "I love you." each others.

General Evaluation addressed by TM Wata-.
A improvable point is that there are no person a front of the table at start of meeting.

We had the third year memorial party after the meeting. We enjoyed a great time.

(written by G.S)