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The 107th Regular meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club

posted Nov 12, 2014, 6:42 AM by Tm Metropolitanian   [ updated Nov 12, 2014, 6:53 AM ]
We had a 106th meeting on October 25th at the Kojimachi Kumin-Kan,
with 16 club members and 6 guests.
It was English-Focused meeting.

Today, TMOM was conducted by TM Kinxx(club founder). 
His management was very organized .

TM Y.Itxx showed the word of the day, “proverb”.  
He said any kind of proverb was available .
All speakers struggled to use smart proverb in their speech in vain.

Then, TM Yagxx conducted “Good & New”.  
3 guests had a chance to speak for around 30 seconds.

 “News of the Week” was cancelled due to no-show of TM Miyxx on time.

In the main session“Prepared Speeches”, 4 speakers gave us informative stories, both in Japanese and English.
TM Negxx had a speech about “Green cocktail(青汁 in English) “with a lots of body languages.
Second speech was performed by TM Yasxx ,and she talked about “薬膳のすすめ(in Japanese)“.
It was like a lecture at university.
Third speaker was TM Takxx about“財務報告(in Japanese)“. He talked about our club’s balance sheet using Power Point. Last night he offered as a speaker of the backup voluntarily.
Last TM Sekxx had a speech about”Study Bahasa(in English)”. Bahasa means language in Indonesian. He showed us merits of learning Bahasa using data on screen. It was really interesting.

During 10 min.”Intermission”, members and guests had a pleasant chat and refresh ourselves.

“Table Topics” session was conducted by TM Minxx.  She asked 5questions about  
“How to explain Jananese good points to foreigner ①safe and clean town, ②technology &products, ③food, ④season, ⑤Japanese people”.
All speakers (1guest included)gave a very unique reply, though they didn't have enough time to think.
“Evaluation Session” was performed by TM M.Koxx(1 st time).
All evaluators evaluated the speeches in exact detail based on the objectives of the each speech.
At the end of the evaluation session, TM M.Koxx gave us some meaningful points for the improvement.

6 guests made a favorable comment, and one(2nd)declared to join our club.
At next meeting, TM Takxx planned to move paying contest participants some money from our club. 
Finally, our president, TM Nakxx, made some announcement about “District 76 Fall Conference Nov.14 to 16 in Tokyo”

After the meeting, we enjoyed lunch under the comfortable weather.

=======Awards of the meeting=======
 *Best Speaker: TM. Takxx
 *Best Evaluator: TM.Nakxx
 *Best Table Topics: TM.Yagxx

 (written by Y.Kaxx.)