How to join

Here is the steps to join Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club.
At your second visit, you can declare your willingness to join TMTMC.
(i.e. at your third visit you will need to be declaring your membership beforehand.)
We ask you to visit us twice before becoming a member so that both you and the members are able to know each other. The visit period also provides you with the opportunities to know what our Club is actually like and whether TMTMC matches your needs before becoming a member. In case you are not comfortable in declaring your membership in front of a large audience, you can also declare your membership to the officers verbally or via e-mail in later days before your third visit.
2. After hearing your willingness to join, the Vice President Membership is going to make a small interview to know more about you on the spot.
Some of the questions include what you would like to learn at TMTMC, what attracts you at Toastmasters, some general background information about you (such as your occupation, hobbies etc.).
This is not a pass-or-fail exam! We follow this process so that both the new and existing members can learn together in a supportive enviornment. 
3. You will be formally inducted following a majority vote by our Club members. We do this voting to prevent people joining Toastmasters for non-educational purposes (such as solicitation, retrieval of members' mail addresses and unauthorized use of our materials). As long as you are willing to improve your communication and leadership skills in English and Japanese, you are welcome to join TMTMC regardless of occupations, nationalities, genders or age (except that membership is restricted to 18+ years of age).