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26th meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club

posted Oct 24, 2011, 7:17 AM by Tm Metropolitanian   [ updated Apr 12, 2015, 7:21 PM ]

The twenty sixth regular meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club was held at Kojimachi Kumin-kan on Septemver 24.  At the morning, I got up earlier than usual, because I was a TMOM of the meeting!!


I was almost late in spite of getting up early due to the preparation.  However, when I walked into the meeting room, the room set up was already finished…  During the introduction of each helper after I started the direction, the room was gradually becoming to be packed in the atmosphere of the usual educational meeting.  And TM M.A. successfully set the tone with her great work of News of the Week.


That day, we had 4 great speakers.  Two CC#2 speakers and 1 CC#4 and AC.  Of course, each of speakers has their own projects and objects depending on each progress in the text book, however, young speakers’ speech levels were particularly improved compared with the last time and I was certainly caught up in stories of every speakers.  As TM Y.S. said in her speech, I believe repeating practice is very important not only for study of English but also for speech skills as well.


In the Table Topics session, the TT master TM Y.A. picked up timely themes related to the disaster in March 11th, and successfully drew the speakers’ comments out.  Her consciousness for the time management in the session was also great and helpful for me, TMOM.


In the evaluation session, all of the evaluators conducted good works, and especially TM T.J.’s evaluation was like a suitable contestant in an evaluation contest.  As a general evaluator, TM S.M., or Jose, advised appropriate suggestions as well.  I want to believe my speech skills are also improving as with the excellent members.



Best table topics speaker: TM A.F.

Best Evaluator: TM T.J.

Best speaker: TM H.I.


Charles K. S., Toastmaster of the morning.