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24th meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club

posted Oct 23, 2011, 10:03 AM by Tm Metropolitanian   [ updated Apr 12, 2015, 7:22 PM ]
On Aug 27, the 24th meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club was
held at Jinbocho Kumin-kan Meeting room. The meeting welcomed several

There were three prepared speeches at the meeting, two in English and one in
Japanese. The first English speech was made by TM A-ki and her project was
CC#1 the Ice Breaker・with speech title my home town・  She introduced
many good characteristics of her hometown Ibaraki-ken・such as Natto and
Kairakuen. Kairakuen is one of three most famous Japanese garden and
visitors can enjoy very different scenic view in four different seasons. She
also introduced website of Ibarakiken to other members and guests. She
successfully completed her first speech in Toastmasters club.

TM Y-shi was the second speaker and his project was CC#4 how to say it・
with speech title Airbus A380 vs Boeing 747・ He compared many different
features of Airbus 380 and Boeing 747. He provided very well prepared
handouts with colorful pictures to all audiences and it helps understanding
technical feature of airplane wings shape. He also mentioned that he got
the idea of this speech while he had a business trip to foreign country. He
probably tries to find good topics of his speech whenever he has a chance.

TM K-gai was the final speaker and his project was CC#2 structure of
speech・with speech title my efficient reading strategy・ He introduced
humorously how he challenges to read many books about new trend without
spending much cost.
He told about his personal experiment of Tachiyomi・at Maruzen book store.
He also added some body gestures to his speech and it made his speech more

After finishing all three speeches, there was timer's report for each
speech. Unfortunately all three speeches were over time limit, best speaker
award for prepared speech was skipped at this meeting.

TM S-ki was the master of Table topics and she asked questions regarding
career plan, preferences regarding big and small companies at job hunting,
and values of new challenge or salaries in company. TM Y-chi, TM K, TM S-to,
TM S-ne were asked each question and they delivered their own opinions.

In evaluation session, TM F-ya provided feedback to TM A-ki and
congratulated her successful completion of the first speech. TM M-ma
provided feedback to Y-shi and highly valued his visual aid materials and
choice of easy wording to deliver difficult topic. TM S-to provided feedback
to TM K-gai and he mentioned good body gesture, eye contact and good stance
with smiling face as strong points of his delivery of speech.

TM M-shi did the role of General evaluator very successfully even though it
was her first time to be a General evaluator.

At award presentations session, TM S-to got the best evaluator and the best
table topics speaker award. Congratulate TM S-to for winning two honorable

After finishing regular TM session, there was an orientation session
regarding Toast masters club. 4 major topics about Toast masters club were
introduced at this session.
1)    History and Organization of Toast Masters Club : presented by TM F-ya
2)    Education program and various events of Toast Masters Club : Presented
by TM K-no
3)    What is the mentor? : Presented by TM S-to
4)    Benefits after joining Toast Masters Club : Presented by TM S-ne

After the meeting, TM members and three guests went to lunch together and
enjoyed Italian dishes with many fun talks.