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The sixteenth meeting held on April 23 at Ningyo-cho kuminkan

posted May 7, 2011, 1:21 AM by Tm Metropolitanian   [ updated Apr 12, 2015, 7:24 PM ]
Sixteenth meeting of TMTMC was held with rain and strong wind outside.
However, the bad weather didn't influence us negatively as those who were supposed to attend all participated.
What a great thing we had three non-Toastmasters guests. 

The meeting was called to order sharply at 9:30 am as usual by the president TM F who was wearing pretty Kimono.
There are four main parts in the meeting. One is helpers' role explanation and news report, two is prepared speech, three is table topic session and four is evaluation.

The first part was started with TM K's the word of morning.
From the idea that Kyushu Shinkansen's operation started, the word was 'connect' which was appropriately selected _expression and was encouraged for the attendees to use it  as much as they could during the meeting.
Next was helpers' role explanation.  As the meeting was English focused all role takes explained their role in English.
Last but not least in the first part, TM J introduced a news of the week which is about hardship that foreigners were facing with because of the earth quake and nuclear plants issues their family worried them too much and kept asking of coming back to their country. TM J reported the point very well and expressed vividly. Besides the episode about what one of his colleagues experienced was supported his point even more clearly.

The second part was the prepared speech. There were two English speeches and one Japanese speech.
Two speakers delivered their very first speech in Toastmasters.
TM A spoke about her favorites. Regardless of her very first speech, she didn't look nervous at all and completely to the end successfully.
TM Y delivered his speech about 'God Toilet'. As the title implies it was very interesting speech based on his experience.
Both of them didn't look real ice breakers but already experienced speakers as they seemed to be relaxed. I congratulate both of them for their successful completion and hope they learn and grow a lot through Toastmasters activities.
The third speaker was TM F and delivered her practice speech for the next level of contest.
Her sincerity about her speech was reflected well from many points. The contents of the speech itself, wearing Kimono, and Japanese flag in her speech helped the audience understand what message she were trying to deliver and supported well the title 'heart of loving Japan(愛国心).

Table topics corner was the third part of the meeting.
TM S was the mater and prepared for current issue related questions mainly about alternative energy.
As the questions were somehow high level which need quick thought and some extend of knowledge to answer, the speakers had hard time to answer and keep it in time. Only one out of four completed in time.
All the questions were good simulations for us to practice and work harder in delivering an impromptu speech.

As for the forth session, the general evaluation session was conducted by TM I who was well experienced in Toastmasters.
This session was proceeded smoothly and casually and produced a lot of fun.
TM M and TM Su evaluated ice breakers' speech and pointed out good points and room for improvement explicitly in their speeches to motivatee the newbies.
TM F's speech was evaluated by TM Sa who looked impressed by her speech. But he did not forget to give her a piece of advice to make her speech even better.

The best table topic speaker award went to TM K who managed time the most among other speakers,
The best evaluator was awarded to TM M and TM A was the best speaker of the meeting.
Congratulations to all the best speakers!!

Lastly, let me mention about the overall impression about the meeting.
There is unique atmosphere that only a new born club has. It may be sincerity, freshness and energy.
The desire of the members to learn and improve is very strong and their expectation to Toastmasters organization and to their better communication skills in the near future is very high.
If all the clubs sustain the atmosphere as a new born club has, we will only experience all the members progress and growth.
I, TMOM enjoyed the meeting very much.

Lunch after the meeting