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The details of the meeting has been decided!

posted Aug 13, 2010, 4:57 PM by Tm Metropolitanian   [ updated Apr 12, 2015, 7:14 PM ]
On August 10, the TMTMC Officers conducted a meeting to set the details of our meetings.

1. We will divide our meetings into two types - English-focused meetings and Japanese-focused ones. We have more English-focused meetings and our default common language is English, so overall our Club is more oriented to English than Japanese. In the English-focused meetings, we do most of the parts in English except that half of the prepared speeches will be in Japanese. In the Japanese-focused meetings, everything goes vice versa.

2. "News of the Week" is a short speech session original to Tokyo Metropolitan TMC.The role taker picks up one news that caught his or her attention within the week, hopefully one with specific pros and cons. Then he or she presents the news summary and share his or her viewpoints.
In Japan this type of program often gets featured in weekday Clubs. However, we decided to introduce this program here to show that TMTMC focuses on business formality to some extent despite being a weekend Club. By creating opportunities to talk about current issues, meeting participants can practice expressing their opinions on economic or social topics in English or Japanese, which is critical in today's business situations.