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Detailed report of the meeting on December 18

posted Dec 23, 2010, 11:31 PM by Tm Metropolitanian   [ updated Apr 12, 2015, 7:29 PM ]

The 9th meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club (TMTMC) was held on Dec.18, 2010. We had one guest attended in this hectic period. This meeting brought an end to our authentic, inspiring and encouraging 2010 TMTMC activities.

The Toastmaster of the Morning (TMOM) was emceed by its new joined member TM K.T. This regular meeting was just a great opportunity for new members in a new club to take and practice various roles for self-development.

There are three prepared speeches.

The 1st speech, “the Ice Breaker”, was presented by our new member TM S.M. He toured us into a birthplace of ancient civilization---Egypt. An oversea travel tip he enjoyed most and shared with us is to plan your tour by communicating and relying more on the local travel guiders who are just wonderful to take you sipping the deep taste of their culture. We feel as if we were also riding on the same horse as TM M.S. did inside the picture, and we feasted our eyes on the backside of three beautiful Pyramids, where it is hardly found at a normal standard tour. He has also shown us a paper called “Halipus” on which the pencil-writings will be disappeared if put into water. What a magic paper!

The 2nd speech titled “Sports day”, conducted by our guest TM H.K. He began with his loud and clear sound and took us into his son’s first sports day in kindergarten. Video-taking was not easy; he had to trace his son by looking for the rainbow color in young boys’ dresses. “Go on and win, go on and win”, was shouting out from every parent’s warm heart. And above all, no matter what rank in a race your boy is in, TM H.K gave out a firm, loud, and loving applause to his son who had kept running until the last moment reaching the final goal. With this in mind, father and son are just bonded together deeply and deeply. Even today, the son has grown-up to college student, father is still giving his loud applause to his son for every effort he’s made and watching him grow and mature in the ever-changing world.

The 3rd speech is delivered by our guest TM H.O. A topic just right for the holiday season is titled “A day determined to keep down.” With increasing year-end parties and New Year parties, people are easily to drink and eat more without noticing the body capacity. TM H.O. told us a story that drinking too much could cause some bad consequences (such as laundry problem and things left behind), so “you’d better well control the amount you drink before unable to keep down.”  However, the JR clerks’ cleaning speed is too quick to remain any unpleasant dirty spot in the station. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Japan is reputed as one of the cleanest countries in the world.

An English Table Topics session was led by our supporter TM T.I. “What kind of sports do you enjoy in winter?”, “What do you motivate yourself to do in winter? “, and “What do you do to keep fit if doing no sports in winter?” TMs and our guest just enjoyed these healthy topics and shared the life-styles.

Finally, the winners of 9th meeting are:

○Best Speaker : TM H.K.
○Best Evaluator: TM A.F.
○Best Table Topics Speaker: TM S.M., TM A.F.