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Detailed report of the third meeting

posted Sep 25, 2010, 6:42 PM by Tm Metropolitanian   [ updated Apr 12, 2015, 7:40 PM ]
On September 25, the third regular meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club (TMTMC) took place at Kojimachi Kumin-kan. Despite the rain in the morning, the meeting was attended by six non-Toastmasters guests and twelve Toastmasters.

The meeting was once again held in Kojimachi Kumin-kan, in a location with the atmosphere of prestige and authenticity. We will keep holding meetings here in the October meetings.

Just like the last meeting, there were four prepared speeches. The first speech was by Mr. C-n, who spoke about the nature of human habits and how to pick up good habits instead of undesiable ones. Since our Club is the earliest weekend Club in Japan, I believe the speech was helpful both for the members and guests to pick up the habit of getting up early.

The second speaker was TM K-no. Entitled "Have a break", he started his speech with his experience in travelling to Austria. He talked about the episodes of last emperor of the Hapsburg Dynasty of Austria and the chocolate cake connected with him, and the Showa Emperor and mame-daifuku, the Japanese confectionary he loved. TMTMC meeting locations are close to the Royal Palace, and our Club image embraces such concept so his speech was well connected to our Club as well.

The third and fourth speeches were in Japanese. Both were about technologies and they used Powerpoint slides effectively. TM I-fu spoke about the latest information of smartphone and how the market has been growing up in Japan recently. TM I-yoshi spoke about some likely mistakes about the kanji conversion function in Japanese typing system and how misconverted kanji can mislead the readers of online documents, achieving the Best Speaker award. All the four speakers were evaluated by experienced evaluators and TM I-da, who served as the Toastmaster of the Morning as well, received the Best Evaluators award.

Followed by prepared speeches, TM K-chi introduced News of the Week (short speech session original to TMTMC). She introduced the news of the trapped miners in Chile. She not only introduced the news, but she also made extensive research on it, including how the "leaders" in the group of miners were born and how the miners maintain control in difficult condition.

The table topics (impromtpu speech session) focused on topics about the autumn season. They were guest-friendly topics and two second-time guests answered the questions as well as members. TM S-nuki received the
Best Table Topics award.

After the educational session of the meeting, Mr. O-mi, visiting us for the second time, declared his membership and became a member! Ms. M-shi, who visited us for the second time as well, also declared her membership at the lunch time gettogether following the meeting and she will be inducted to our Club next month!

The lunch gettogether after the meeting was held in Kojimachi Cafe, an fashionable organic cafe restaurant.

Our next meeting will be held on October 9, which will be emceed in Japanese. Guests are welcome. If you are interested in developing communication and leadership skills in English and Japanese, would like to control nervousness when speaking in public or just have fun making new friends, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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