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First meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club on August 28

posted Aug 27, 2010, 11:43 PM by Tm Metropolitanian   [ updated Apr 12, 2015, 7:37 PM ]
On August 28, the first meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club
(TMTMC) was held in Jinbocho Himawari-kan. Ten Toastmasters members and five guests participated in the meeting.

The meeting started 9:30am sharp. Opened and emceed by Club President Fujiyama, we had full set of meeting including three speeches, threeevaluators and table topics speeches.

The concept of TMTMC is "authentic m

eetings in an business-casual environment". One of the features of TMTMC meeting is "News of the Week", where the role taker makes a short speech to pick up one current hot topic in the news and discuss it. Today's role taker was our Vice President Membership K-no, where he picked up the news "China surpasses Japan as world's second-largest economy" and commented that one of the reasons is the decline in motivation in the Japanese people.

After that, the three speakers followed. The first speaker was TM Y-moto, where he asked the question to the audience, "If you can choose one person to live in a desert island, who would that be?", and analyzed the result based on the answer s using three categories.

The second speaker was the Club President. Entitled "the Golden Age of Toastmasters", where she proposed increasing the number of quality Clubs exponentially in Japan for the next ten years to support the country's future on the human capital side, using data and quotes.

The third speaker was the sole Japanese speech of the morning, which was conducted by TM I-da. He presented a seminar-style speech to show how we could use body language effectively as public speakers. The manual was originally in English, but he made a well-prepared presentation materials in Japanese and introduced many tips and examples we can start to use from the next meeting.

The Table Topics Session was conducted by TM K-chi and she gave questions such as on recent "laughter" experience and body language difference by country.

The Table Topics session was followed by the evaluation session, led by TM H. The prepared speakers were evaluated by individual evaluators.

The meeting ended at 11:20. An optional lunch gettogether at a Korean restaurant followed the meeting, where around half the participants joined in.

Through attending the first meeting, one thing that the participants noticed in common was

the effective use of weekend time. Even the lunch gettogether ended before one o'clock, which means that we can use the rest of the precious Saturday time very effectively.

Our second meeting will be held on September 11, and the meeting language will
be mostly in Japanese.
Guests are more than welcome to come!

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