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About Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club (TMTMC) aims to help people who seek to improve their communication and leadership skills in English and Japanese and apply such skills to their career, family, community and other aspects of life.

TMTMC has the following features.
1. TMTMC is the "earliest" weekend Toastmasters Club. Meetings are held from 9:30am to 11:30am on Saturdays (bi-weekly). Even if you participate in the after-meeting lunch gettogether, it finishes before 1pm, which means you can effectively use your weekend time while improving your skills.

2. TMTMC is the first Saturday-morning bilingual Club in the central Tokyo area ("Toshin Area"). We placed our Club in central Tokyo area so that businesspeople with a commuter pass are able to visit our Club without paying extra cost for transportation. It is also convenient for those living in the central Tokyo area.

3.TMTMC is an English-oriented bilingual Toastmasters Club.  We have greater number of English-focused meetings than Japanese-focused ones. Our default common language inside the Club is also English, except when talking about the Japanese-focused meetings. It provides excellent environment for learning to those whose main language in life or work is English yet who would like to improve their Japanese skills at the same time.

4. We are a non-profit organization, where we learn through the feedback from other members instead of having a teacher in a classroom. The initial fee is 3,000 yen including speech manuals, and the monthly dues are 1,500 yen per month, which will cover the room fees and other operational costs. All the Club officers fulfill their roles as volunteers.

5. Our meetings are designed to be not only educational, but also entertaining. For example, we have many events other than the regular meetings, such as speech contests, joint meetings with other Toastmasters Clubs and after-meeting parties. Participations to these events are basically optional, so you can learn and enjoy yourself at your own pace.
We always welcome guests and new members. If you are interested, you are more than welcome to visit us!